The breath of my thoughts

I follow your path.

Like a traveler without a destination who walks to the rhythm of his soul to return to his inner self. To feed on ancient knowledge and find decisive inspiration.

Silence again.

Another breath.

And the desire to regenerate myself in the place I consider most sacred: the Forest.

Silence again.

Another breath.

A multitude of creatures, motionless, observe my passage.

With their noble presence, collective wisdoms anchored to their roots observe my need for reawakening.

You are not alone, you are in the temple of a savage beauty that talks to the wind.

Here, the greatest creatures on earth remind you that what is most alive is most wild.

And in my endless wandering, you reawaken my spirit and allow me to take flight far and wide, reminding me of the profound value of a hug.

Every trek leads me into your heart, and now I know why: You are the breath of my thoughts.
Silence again.

Another breath.

As I wander, your creatures guide my steps and lead me to an awakening that renews my thoughts and answers those questions I keep hidden.

Dedicated to the forest.


​​​​​​​Ercole Marchionni is a mid-mountain guide and a  hiking and Nordic walking instructor. He lives and works in Abruzzo, in the center of Italy, where he organizes numerous excursions that he then reports on Montagne Selvagge, his facebook page: his goal is to introduce people to the genuine beauty and fascinating history of his region.

Garmont - The breath of my thoughts
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